Wednesday Nov 16, 2022

A Calling to Help Others Through Grief w/Jenny Dilts

In this week's special episode, Tricia welcomes back Jenny Dilts. Tune in to hear about how Jenny began her journey as a Grieving Coach.


Hello. Hello everybody. Welcome back to this week's Mastering the Drop, A real view of recovery where we talk about all kinds of recovery needs, right? There's of course the traditional, the space where everybody's head goes to. Um, for those folks that are struggling, that are down the. Um, not functioning in their daily lives that really, you know, could use some help removing chemical substances from their life.

But then there are so many other journeys that we have to take and, and today's topic is really, Special to me because I recently, um, have, have had to, you know, take this walk and, and so I'm really excited to, to welcome my, my guests today and, and invite you to experience her as well. Jenny Dilts is a grief a.

Coach. Mm-hmm. . Yes. A grief coach. I always wanna stick the word recovery in there. Um, she's a grief coach who, who really specializes in accompanying people, um, on their journey to con, to convert their grief into, uh, a space of growth. , but she does it in a way that that really matches where each client is and, and, and to do it in their own way, in the way that's gonna serve them.

And she does it without judgment, without expectation, and, and just the removal of despair is just amazing. So, you know. I don't, I don't wanna, you know, continue to try explaining exactly how you take people on this magical journey, Jenny. But, but you know, again, grief is a big thing. Right? And, and it's, it's broad.

It's not just when we lose a person. Yeah. It could be a lot of things. Um, so anyway, why don't you introduce yourself and, and tell people, you know, one, how, how, how did you come. To, to feel called into this space. 


Sure. So, like Tricia said, my name is Jenny Dilts and I'm a grief coach. Um, I started really working in the grief space about six years ago when I volunteered to give a meal to a family whose husband and dad died suddenly.

Unlike most of people who work in the field of grief, I don't come with quote, personal experience with grief. Um, my introduction to grief was when I dropped this meal off to the family. So I, I delivered this meal to this family. I thought it was gonna be a five minute visit.

It turned into a three hour life changing experience for me, really. And this is really where I found my calling, um, both as like a life mission calling. This is what I'm supposed to be doing, as well as an internal calling of passion and excitement, even. To support people in their grief. 


I don't mean to interrupt because I, but I'm so extremely fascinated, um, and intrigued about, you know, what that what that first meeting looked like, like three hours.

The people you didn't know, like, what did, what happened inside of that?



Like I said, I was expecting a five minute meal drop off. I had all five of my kids with me. We were gonna just drop off the meal and go to the park. Um, well, mom invited us in and I sat down on their couch and she started talking and I listened. I listened, like everything depended on that. Because probably it did, it did for me.

Um, often she apologized for recounting the details of trying to save her husband. Mm-hmm. , she apologized for the graphicness of what she was sharing. None of that bothered me. I didn't, I wasn't like phased by her tears. I wasn't phased by the grief, the trauma. I was there. I was there focused on her and her experience.


How amazing.


It was. Incredible. 


Cause I know, I know that, you know, we're often at a loss for words. We don't know what to say. We don't know. How to be, and we know that there isn't anything we can do really. Mm-hmm.  that, that can change the situation. And I think as, as beings, most beings right. Want to help fix things.

Mm-hmm. , So how, how interesting that you were, were able to be so connected.


That's part of that is my default nature. I'm a listener. I observe things. I'm not usually one to initiate the conversation, but I can listen. I can be present. That's one of my superpowers, and that's what I discovered that day is that I have a calming presence.

And people feel safe opening up with their deepest pain, their greatest vulnerability, their hardest and most painful grief. 


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