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Mastering the Drop with Jenny Dilts - Grief and Finding Gratitude

In this episode, Tricia is joined by guest, Grieving Coach, Jenny Dilts. Jenny shares some insight and wisdom on the importance of the grieving process and finding gratitude within it.



Hello. Hello everybody. Welcome back to Mastering the Drop, A real view of recovery where we don't just talk about the standard soci societal view of what addiction and recovery are. We talk about all of life recovery. This week is absolutely no exception. In fact, this this week, um, is probably one of the most prevalent spaces where we find that people need to have a life recovery journey.

In fact, I know many of you who are listening, you're listening for that very reason because we had the conversation about, Wow, you need to hear what my guest has to say in this episode. And, and so you know that that situation is grief and we grieve so many things. We grieve the loss of loved ones. We grieve the loss of relationships.

We grieve having to change our relationship with food and alcohol. , we grieve, you know, just the changing, ever changing thing called life and how things morph. What we don't know and what we most of us don't do is when we grieve, find that space of gratitude to add in. In fact, most people look at me and they're like, What the heck?

Gratitude. How am I supposed to find gratitude in this space? Don't you know I'm hurting here? Like I'm struggling. Like I, there's nothing to be grateful for. So, Instead of listening to me who's not an expert on grief , um, but, but an expert on finding gratitude. I, you know, I wanted to bring Jenny in here, um, to, to share with us on a deeper level.

She's been here before, but I wanted her to come and share with us exactly what we need to know about how, how grief and gratitude can coexist, Right? So with, with no further ado, everybody, this is Jenny.

Um, and, and she, I'm gonna, Jenny, I'm gonna let you introduce yourself because it's just easier that way I don't have to mutilate anything. Um, but, uh, Jenny, introduce yourself. Thank you again so much for coming back to share more of your wisdom with us. I loved hearing your story the last time, but wow.

We're so ready for your wisdom.



Thank you so much for having me on again. It's such a pleasure. Um, I'm Jenny Dilts and I'm the founder of Grieving Coach. I'm also the host of the podcast, "Share Your Story, Exploring Humanity, One Heart at a Time". And I stand as a lighthouse for grief. Um, I help people convert grief into growth in whatever way that looks like for them.

One of my biggest passions is helping people find their own way to grieve in their own time, in their own way that's unique to them because all of us are unique. . And so I do this through educating, supporting, and inspiring people in the field of grief. 


That is so amazing. That is so amazing. And I, I think my favorite part of what you just said is that we are all unique.

And, and so, you know, I've seen so many people trying to go in order of the book, right? Like mm-hmm.  the different stages, and they try to force themselves to go into order, right? Like, I should be at this stage and I'm, I'm at this stage, and then I thought I was at this stage and now I'm at this stage. And they, they, they try so hard to do their grieving process perfect.

Um, and, and that perfection that they're striving for in their grieving process. Is based on somebody else's you know, version. And the part that they're not hearing is that you are unique and how you are experiencing this grief is going to be unique to you. Absolutely. And, and that it, it's not gonna go in any specific order and, and it may ebb and flow and it, and it may bounce around and you may be in one stage more than once.

In fact, I think the last time we chatted, we, you know, we were talking about how it doesn't necessarily end mm-hmm. , it just changes. Mm-hmm. . Um, so, so let's talk about that because I know everybody's dying to hear. So we'll just cut to the. Right. Um, and so to speak, right. But gratitude in a, in a state of grieving, like how, how does that, how does that, in its simplest form, how does that translate?


So if you're not at that stage of gratitude, that's. It's okay to be in the very raw, painful, dark place of grief that's actually very healthy. If we, and I'm, I'm going to preface this with, if we jump to that gratitude stage too quickly, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to really grow from our grief to really experience it.


"That's the key, facing it. Facing it every single day because when we feel the pain, when we experience the pain, That's when the growth and the healing occurs." - Jenny Dilts


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